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producing high quality products for over 40 years


RO Reykofninn was founded in 1977 by Mr. Gisli Arnason and for the first year it was situated in Reykjavik.  In the year 1978 Mr. Olafur Georgson bought the company and moved it to its current location in Kopavogur. 

Today the company is operated by Mr. Olafur Georgsson and his son Mr. Kari Petur Olafsson, BSc Food Scientist. 

Early on, traditional Icelandic smoked meat served the basis of the company as well as smoked and marinated fish.  Quickly gaining reputation for reliability, quality and unique taste, RO Reykofninn gained popularity, especially by the demanding sport-fishermen in Iceland.  During summer wild salmon and trout is caught in unpolluted rivers and lakes in Iceland.  Many sport-fishermen of wild salmon and trout bring their catch for processing in RO Reykofninn year after year, since they trust the reliable service and seek the unique taste and texture of the end product.


Olafur Georgsson distributing salt on lamb meat, before hanging it up for drying and smoking.
Photo from around the year 1980.

Today the service for sport-fishermen is still a very important part of the operation although the growth in recent years has mainly been in shipping our products to Europe.  

RO Reykofninn's export licence number is:  H-103

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